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 Brand new Nokia N97 32gb,Apple iphone 3g 16gb,Samsung i900 0mnia,Black berry.
Autor: Jade Mike (114.127.246.---)
Kuupäev:   28.07.09 11:07

We are Established in 1990, is a leading exporter of Computer Laptop,Mobile Phones,Digital Camera, IPOD, PS3,PSP, MP3&MP3 and Camcorder,Our products include such accessories as batteries, chargers, keypads, housing, data cables, LCD screens, DVD players, IP phones, USB phones and Bluetooth products. We are seeking for serious buyer of our products,We are going to give you a very good and competitive price for all our goods.Because we want to build a good and long lasting business relationship with you.


Apple Iphone 3g 16gb-----------€300Euro
Apple Iphone 3G 8gb Unlocked -----280Euro
Apple Iphone 16gb-----------€250Euro
Apple Iphone touch 32gb -----------€250Euro
Apple Iphone 8gb-----------€230Euro
Apple Iphone 4gb-----------€200Euro


Nokia N96 16gb......€300Euro
Nokia N95 8gb ......€250Euro
Nokia N95 ......€250Euro
Nokia N90.......€250Euro
Nokia N91.......€280Euro
Nokia N92.......€270Euro
Nokia N93.......€280Euro
Nokia Aeon Unlocked ......€240Euro
Nokia N93i Unlocked ......€210Euro
Nokia E90 Communicator Unlocked......€220Euro
Nokia E71 Unlocked ......€230Euro
Nokia 8801 Unlocked......€210Euro
Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte Unlocked ......€200Euro
Nokia 770 Internet Unlocked ......€210Euro
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music ......€250euro
Nokia n97 32gb unlocked .......€300euro


Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia Unlocked €300Euro
Samsung U800 Soul B Unlocked €240Euro
Samsung L870 Unlocked €200Euro
Samsung D780 Unlocked €270Euro
Samsung F110 Adidas miCoach Unlocked €250Euro
Samsung G400 Soul Unlocked €220Euro
Samsung Sgh U900 Soul Unlocked €250Euro
Samsung Steel Unlocked €200Euro
Samsung F480 Unlocked €200Euro
Samsung G810 Silver Unlocked €210Euro


BlackBerry Pearl €300Euro
BlackBerry Bold 9000 €300Euro
BlackBerry Storm 9500 €300Euro
BlackBerry Curve 8900 €270Euro
BlackBerry Curve 8300 €280Euro
BlackBerry 8800 Series €250Euro
BlackBerry 8700 Series €230Euro
BlackBerry 7130 Series €220Euro
BlackBerry 7100 Series €200Euro
BlackBerry 7200 Series €200Euro
BlackBerry 7520 €200Euro


Treo 680 for €200Euro
Treo 600 for €160Euro
Treo 700p for €200Euro
Treo 750v for €260Euro
Treo 750 for €250Euro


Sick kick for €350Euro
Side kick 2 for €260Euro
Side kick 3 for €280Euro
Lrg Sidekick 3 for €200Euro


ETEN glofiish M700 €300Euro
ETEN glofiish X500 €280Euro
ETEN M500 for .....€280Euro
ETEN M550 for .....€300Euro
ETEN M600 for .....€220Euro
ETEN G500 for .....€200Euro
ETEN G550+ for ....€250Euro
ETEN M600+ for ....€230Euro


i-mate Ultimate 9150 for €380Euro
i-mate Ultimate 8150 for €260Euro
i-mate Ultimate 7150 for €240Euro
i-mate Ultimate 6150 for €290Euro
i-mate Ultimate 5150 for €250Euro

i-mate JASJAM for €330Euro
i-mate JASJAR for €300Euro
i-mate k-JAM for €280Euro
i-mate JAQ4 for €380Euro
i-mate JAQ3 for €360Euro
i-mate PDAL for €340Euro

HTC PHONES...........

HTC Advantage X7510 Unlocked €350Euro
HTC Advantage X7500 Unlocked €360Euro
HTC OMNI Unlocked €400Euro
HTC Touch Diamond Unlocked €340Euro
HTC TOUCH Cruise Unlocked €330Euro
HTC TOUCH Pro Unlocked €340Euro
HTC P3470 AKA HTC pharos Unlocked €370Euro
HTC MTeor Unlocked €300Euro
HTC Shift UMPC Unlocked €280Euro
HTC P6300 Value Unlocked €250Euro
HTC Touch GSM Cellular Unlocked €220Euro
HTC S630 BLACK Unlocked €270Euro
HTC TyTN II BLACK Unlocked €260Euro
HTC Advantage Pocket PC (Athena) Unlocked €280Euro


Sony ericsson xperia X1 €300Euro
Sony ericsson w910i €280Euro
Sony ericsson w888i €250Euro
Sony ericsson w880i €220Euro
Sony ericsson w810i €200Euro
Sony ericsson w600i €145Euro
Sony ericsson w950i €260Euro
Sony ericsson w900i €180Euro
Sony ericsson w850i €220Euro
Sony ericsson M600i €280Euro
Sony ericsson M608i €300Euro
sony ericsson p950i €210Euro
Sony ericsson p800i €200Euro
Sony ericcson p990i €180Euro
Sony ericsson p900i €160Euro
Sony ericsson p800i €170Euro

We are seeking for perfect quality and customers' satisfaction with cease.Moreover, "Development through credits and advancement through quality" is our persistent tenet.As a professional manufacturer, our products such as materials and quality are carefully selected and made by our professionals. ...

For more information about our company you can visit our company website at www.jblinkplaz.page.tl/Mobile-Phones.htm

You also call the sales manager on this number...(+447024026646)

For inquiry contact us via email .. jblinkplaz@yahoo.com
Msn contact .. jblinkplaz@hotmail.com

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 Brand new Nokia N97 32gb,Apple iphone 3g 16gb,Samsung i900 0mnia,Black berry.   *
Jade Mike 28.07.09 11:07 

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