"Eesti sügis"
2008-09-27 Autor: Uko 
Kategooria: Panoraam

Komme: 9  Keskmine: 4.0000
  Merlendra (<°·H<) 27.09.08 09:26  
Reaalsus. Emotsionaalselt rusuv ja sügismasendust tekitav. Pime. Õnneks on viimasel ajal päikest piisavalt...
4 blogn (<°·HHHH<; 4.9600) 27.09.08 21:49  
täitsa kobe. all heinamaa on kas tuulest vöi photoshopist natuke määrdunud, muidu mulle väga meeldib.
  Smiley :) (<°·H<) 27.09.08 22:26  
The sky offers some interest but the rest ......boring. If this picture is supposed to represent Fall, where are the bright Fall colors?
  blogn (<°·HHHH<; 4.9600) 27.09.08 22:44  
there are no bright fall colors in estonia ;)
  tomat (<°·H<) 28.09.08 11:31  
Rahulik pilt, ühtki kährikut pole näha, kõik on metsas peidus.
  tomat (<°·H<) 28.09.08 11:32  
  Nukitsamees (<°·H<) 28.09.08 13:46  
If people say - \"Fall\" - it means immediately bright yellow-orange-red colours from Canada, thus all good fall pictures should take this manner. But fall does not look the same everywhere. This photo presents actually quite realistic estonian sky in late september. Ofcourse, lightning seems to be a little bit underexposed, which can be disturbing, but in composition where 60% of picture takes cloudy sky, it looks very natural and expresses more strongly heavy sky in Nordic fall and creates, as I can see from other comments, quite right temper.
  SissyJ (<°·HH<) 28.09.08 22:04  
Smiley:) be so kind and take a visit to Estonia. It might surprise you, how beautiful the fall is. You dont need the bright colours, to know it, when yoou have seen it. Pilt on väga hää!;)
  Meribel (<°·HHH<) 27.08.10 00:48  
Meeldib see sünge taevas ja puud